what others say...

Director Jason Baffa makes the best and most sneaky-thoughtful films in the game.
— The Santa Barbara Independent

Baffa’s work is the perfect armchair traveler.
— Yahoo News

Visually Stunning!
— The Arts London News

They say hard work trumps talent when talent doesn’t work hard. The great thing about Jason is that you always get both, talent and passion driven effort, every take. I know that if he’s behind the camera on my jobs, I can focus on other things, and that’s priceless.
— Ian Douglass, Owner, Ballast.tv

As a film editor, I’m usually the first one to realize what’s working and what isn’t.  Jason is always on point, giving me the freedom to realize his vision, rather than simply fix problems.  I’ve always felt my job is to make my directors looks good.  In Jason’s case, it’s the other way around.
— Carl Cramer, Emmy Award Winning Editor