Filmmaker Jason Baffa was raised on a heavy dose of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas with a big dash of Jimmy Buffett and Bruce Brown. This creative rooting of inspiration set fuel to the last 25 years, while he created world renown surf projects, “Singlefin: yellow” (2004), “One California Day” (2007), “Bella Vita” (2014) and his new film about golf caddies, “Loopers” (2019). Baffa’s approach to storytelling and powerful use of visuals has separated him from the pack of action sports directors and inspired a cult like following amongst surfers from home in California, across to Hawaii, Australia, Japan and Europe. But it has been his life dream to make work fun, especially in shorts and no shoes that may define his legacy.

His side project, ZIOBAFFA organic Italian wines, has inspired new adventures. Splitting time between directing commercials and road-tripping barefoot across the globe to connect with the wine selling team and their marketing ambassadors. It is in this carefree but passionate pursuit that we find, ZIO BAFFA’S BAREFOOT ADVENTURES.

“ZIO” BAFFA (or Uncle Baffa) was the nick-name given to him while shooting “Bella Vita” in Italy. With a pension for late night fun and a few practical jokes, Baffa quickly gained a reputation for that somewhat crazy uncle everyone may have. It is in the spirit of ZIO that Jason takes on life, spending time with the people who inspires him, environmentalists, artists and chefs. An enthusiastic home-cook and bartender, Baffa is eager to learn how the people he visits live, what they eat, drink and how they view this ever growing complicated world.

It is in the stark contrast of the simple beach life with the complexities of our modern world that some of the most interesting dialogues take place. Illuminating a greater truth about the human condition.



Baffa’s work regularly touches on environmental issues.


A recent trip to Cabo was documented for the ZIOBAFA social media channels…

ZIO BAFFA’S BAREFOOT ADVENTURES will have the spirit of the Cabo video with greater attention to detail on the documentary moments of the travel experience. Each episode will focus on a region, Baffa will share his connection with the place and introduce the audience to our in-country friends. These individuals will be a mix of pro-athletes, artists, musicians, chefs and environmentalists all with the common shared love for the ocean. It is from this ocean-minded familial bond, that Baffa will be introduced to life as it is at each location. Finding greater personal truth in his own life and bringing the audience along for a fully immersive ride.


BAREFOOT ADVENTURES will be shot in a high-end documentary style. No “sit down” interviews or testimonials will be recorded. Instead, we will pursue a naturalistic style, where “interviews” take place between characters while they are in the moment. Think “Parts Unknown” as a reference, where Baffa, who has spent 30 years interviewing people for his documentaries, talks on-camera during a dinner, or walking on the farm, or while mixing drinks. The moments should not feel forced. They should feel like the audience is experiencing it with the characters.

To fill in the blanks, Baffa will record Voice Over, drawing from his college years working as a on-camera sports caster for the San Gabriel Valley, High School Football Game of the Week. Baffa’s reads will be crafted in a casual, irreverent style, leaning towards humor and wit over dark, jaded banter.

Technically, we would like to budget for a 2 camera documentary shoot with an additional drone and immersive filmmaking tools, like a water-housing or car mount. Asset capture will be done in a 4K base and ideally crafted with cameras capable of shooting high-speed, artistic imagery. Baffa’s documentary films have always showcases gorgeous travel imagery and this series will be no different.


Potential Episodes for Season One:

  • Italy & Wine / Baffa visits his close friend and ZIOBAFFA vintner Piergiorgio Castellani (Bella Vita) during harvest season. A very busy and important time in the life of any winemaker. Together, they discuss organic wine production stigma versus reality and the dirty secrets the wine industry keeps from consumers.

  • Brazil / Baffa meets the ZIOBAFFA team and travels Brazil with a group of Pro Surfers, learning first hand about the very real pollution issues that plague the country

  • Portugal / Baffa meets with his nephew, Conner Coffin, a Pro Surfer on the World Tour and passionate home-cook, the two explore the food scene and beach culture. They discuss the “athlete’s diet” and eating healthy on-the-road… or not!

  • Cotes des Basque / Baffa meets longtime friend and Frenchman, Pierre Weisbein, the two explore the surf and food scene of Southern France and the Basque Country. They meet up with ex-patriot and locally renowned chef, Christian Dreyfus for a lesson in French cooking.

  • ZIO does Japan / Baffa connects with his close friends in Japan, including pro-surfer, environmentalist David Kinoshita (Singlefin: yellow) delving into the ongoing concern that the Nuclear spill affected sushi and what the Japanese government has done about it.

  • Central California / Baffa visits The Malloy Family. Chris Malloy is an internationally known surfer, filmmaker and activist. He moved his family to the Central Coast so that his wife can pursue her Farm-to-Table passion and teach other people about this hard earned yet empowering way to raise a family while you grow what you eat.